Yolanda Bed Frame

It's in our DNA

At bedroomDNA, we don't just design beds, we craft sleep revolutions. Our collection? A lineup of our chart-topping designs, each flaunting a colour palette that speaks volumes.

Crafted with Melbourne Mojo - Quick to Assemble, Easier to Love.

  • Australian Made: Born and bred under the Aussie sun.
  • Solid Timber Support: Like a trusty mate, strong and dependable.
  • Upholstered in Warwick or Wortley Fabrics: Dressed to impress in Australia's finest threads.
  • 5-Year Warranty: Five years of zzz's, guaranteed.
  • Designer Beds by bedroomDNA: Where style sleeps and quality never nods off.
  • With Legs or Without: To lift or not to lift? That’s your call.

bedroomDNA: Easy-peasy assembly, because life’s too short for complicated bed frames.


Revolutionizing restful comfort, the Ultimate Luxury Upholstered Bed Frame will ensure you sleep in style! Crafted with care in Australia, this dream-dresser is the perfect mix of sleek design, quality materials, and handcrafted artistry. With lavish fabrics and a dynamic support system, this lavish bed frame invites you to sink into clouds of harmonious and be tucked in blissful slumber. Choose from a variety of dreamy designs that fit your taste – whether sophisticated, playful, or somewhere in between, you'll find the perfect fit.

For the sleep savvy among us, the Ultimate Luxury Upholstered Bed Frame has arrived – and it's here to revolutionize your bedroom! Sleek designs, quality materials, and handcrafted artistry in Australia come together to make an absolute dream in a dresser. Whether you're looking for something funny or uniquely cool, this bed frame has got all your luxury comfort needs covered.

From sumptuous fabrics to its dynamic support system, this bed frame provides plush comfort that's like sinking into clouds. With firm but gentle edges, you'll be nestled in blissful slumber all night long. Plus you can choose from a variety of designs that best suit your vibe – so whether you’re looking for high-end chic or a splash of whimsical fun, will have something special just for you.

Ready to hit the hay? Then don't forget about Australian made collection of upholstered bed frames! Simple style meets stylish support and cool design – what more do we need? Get ready to settle in for some serious catch up on Zs !

Nothing says luxury quite like the Ultimate Luxury Australian Made Upholstered Bed Frame! Boasting stunning fabrics, unique custom designs, and timeless styling all hand crafted in Australia – this bed frame is the perfect way to up your sleep game and settle into a comfortable retreat. Not to mention, its solid support system will keep you relaxed and supported as you drift off for sweet dreams.






Single 160 cm
King single 180 cm
Long single 180 cm
Double 220 cm
Queen 240 cm
King 280 cm
Super king 300 cm




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