Welcome to wyldhq – Our new unified home

That’s so wyld

That’s so wyld


We're thrilled to share that everything is transitioning to wyldhq, our central headquarters where all our brands unite. At wyldhq, you'll find a seamless and streamlined experience, bringing together our diverse range of products and services in one convenient location.

All for you

This move is a direct response to your valuable feedback and our commitment to continual improvement. By merging our brands at wyldhq, we aim to enhance your customer experience with us, ensuring a more integrated and efficient service.

What you love doing, that’s so wyld

Message from wyldhq

Things are changing here, we are working through this.


Quick questions

Not at all. Regardless of whether you order directly from one of our brands or through wyldhq, all orders are seamlessly synced to our headquarters. This ensures a smooth and consistent order process for you.

Any outstanding queries or issues will be efficiently handled by our wyldhq customer service team. Please reach out to us through the usual channels, and we'll ensure that your query is resolved promptly.

The warranties and return policies remain unchanged. Regardless of where you made your purchase, wyldhq upholds all existing terms and conditions. Your customer rights and benefits will continue as before.

The transition to wyldhq is designed to provide a more extensive and diverse range of products, enhancing availability and choice. We're constantly updating our product line to bring you the best options.

For streamlined and efficient customer service, we encourage all communications to be directed through wyldhq. This ensures that you receive timely and consistent support, regardless of the brand you're inquiring about.

Our shipping and delivery processes have been optimized with the transition to wyldhq. You can expect improved delivery times, options with enhanced coordination and tracking.

In the event your missing a refund please visit our helpdesk and visit returns and refunds - chargeback.


Important notice: We're Perfecting wyldhq for You!

As we transition to our new unified platform at wyldhq, we're diligently working to ensure that everything runs smoothly. However, during this period of fine-tuning and improvements, you might encounter some temporary glitches or errors on our website.

Please bear with us as we perfect wyldhq to provide you with the best possible experience. We are committed to resolving these issues as quickly as possible. If you notice any discrepancies or have any difficulties, we encourage you to reach out to our customer support team. Your feedback during this phase is invaluable and greatly appreciated, as it helps us to enhance our services.

We thank you for your patience and understanding while we work behind the scenes to make wyldhq your go-to destination for all our brands. Your continued support means the world to us!

Missing refunds

Learn more about the previous refunds and what to do.